Independent Business Experts - managed to deliver outcomes

At ReedKnapp we combine the experience of independent business and technology experts to deliver results for you.  We assemble and manage the best resources to work on your most pressing and complex problems.   Our varied and experienced professionals assist businesses of various shapes and sizes. The common element is solving complex problems to deliver positive measurable outcomes.  When you work with ReedKnapp, you enjoy the combined benefits of a team consisting of:

  • Business professionals trained at elite global consulting firms
  • Proven technology and program management professionals 
  • Senior executives from leading companies
  • Top academic and thought leaders

The Right Team for Your Needs

As professionals, we are passionate about client service, committed to your objectives and delivering real value. ReedKnapp curates tailored teams of highly qualified professionals with the right mix of skills to assist your organisation respond to the challenges of rapid change. We leverage decades of experience and a lean team approach to provide quick and effective solutions to your most challenging problems.